Swagbucks is the #1 Search & Win site on the internet!!

Search & WinYou can earn digital dollars just by doing a normal search using their search engine!

There are many prizes to win FREE with your swagbucks.
I get rewarded with swagbucks by searching on their search engine as I would
search on Google. I win on an average 150-200 swagbucks per day! =)

If you'd like to join Swagbucks, or just check out what all the buzz is about...Here are some tips for you...

1st - you need to sign up ...
click here: "swagbucks"
***DO NOT leave sign up page till all is filled out! ***

Then go on the site and read FAQ's
Do's and Don't's, How It Works, Install Swidget, & Toolbar!

You will get 1 swagbuck each day just by refreshing your Toolbar, skipping thru No Obligation Special Offers (NOSO) 2 for this one =), and clicking on Daily Polls. Check ad rewards under Special Offers for videos each day, then check Trusted Surveys. New Members may have to wait a week or 2 before surveys start showing up to take.

*Watch SBTV videos and be rewarded 3 swagbucks for each 10 you watch! Up to 150 swagbucks per day!!!=)

Use Mobile SBTV app on any Android or iPhone and earn 50 swagbucks daily!

*Coupons for Swagbucks! 10 swagbucks per
coupon redeemed!
*Games!!! =)Play for free or in tournaments.
*Contests...every now and then.

You can earn by searching the web, watching videos, taking surveys, doing special offers, tasks, finding swag codes, and so much more!!!

Refer someone, and YOU get matching swagbucks for every search they win, up to their 1st 1000 swagbucks ...so it's a win win for the referral and you, too!
You may invite as many people as you want to join in the fun!

***Any person over 13 in your household can have their own account.***

You won't win on every search, but a few searches throughout the day, should get you two or three wins.I watch the Swag Bucks FB wall and when I see others winning 2nd or 3rd time I try then.
(Plus your swag codes.)

Now you are on your way to winning great prizes!

Get rewarded for what you do anyway....use a
search engine! And did I mention shipping on all prizes is FREE???? In fact everything is FREE on swagbucks!

***(You will never receive unwanted junk mail from Swagbucks...EVER!!!

I have won over $1500 Amazon credit so far!
Christmas was FREE in 2010 and 2011 thanks to SwagBucks and Amazon, and it looks like another free Christmas is in the works for 2012! =)

After joining you will want to check out this awesome informative site designed and created by some of the regular Swag Bucks members:


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